VRR HR Management solutions see themselves as your business partner in identifying right talent at right time with right skills/competency in the given competitive business environment.

    The approach:
  • A dedicated domain expert team working on each assignment
  • Focused working partnership with the clients to ensure timely delivery.
  • Conduct regular market research, study companies, identify potential talent etc.
  • Screening using scientific tools and techniques, personal interviewing and presenting the most suitable candidates to the clients
  • Suggesting appropriate remuneration packages for the selected candidates.
  • Follow up with the candidates

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The specialised team shall handle the end to end payroll processing services, which will include the following:

  • Error free and timely payroll processing.
  • Generate various MIS reports and statutory statements of ESI, PF, PT etc.
  • Process start up activities like registration of ESI, PF,PT etc.
  • Facilitate employee self-service like payslips
  • Employee query handling.

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VRR undertake the responsibility for continuous improvement of knowledge & skills for client-organisation to be able to sustain and grow in the competitive business environment:

    The approach:
  • Identifying training needs of the organisation.
  • Designing and developing structured learning interventions
  • Delivering customised training programmes
  • Evaluating the impact of training and developing interventions
  • Establish Coaching and mentoring relations
  • Develop performance and competence models

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VRR with its certified Assessors specialists would support the client in the following areas of requirement:

  • Psychometric assessment using various tests and analytical tools in strengthen HR sub-systems
  • Define competence, assess and design suitable development interventions

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VRR team is well equipped with various tools and methods to design and develop appropriate solutions to improve the HR systems & processes and productive climate in client’s organisations.

  • HR Audits to ensure company’s HR strategies & processes are in line with business
  • Organisation climate surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys

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VRR undertake the following services and facilitating the client to have peaceful mind and 100% compliant of statutory requirement to conduct business.

  • Audit of labour laws and law compliances
  • Educate the contractors and Continuous monitoring of their compliances
  • Liaison with labour officers in resolving non-compliance observations and rectifying it.
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, records ,notices and returns.
  • Obtain various licences, amend and renew the same
  • Remittances of statutory payments.

VRR has the requisite expertise in ensuring and maintaining cordial Employee / Industrial Relations, which are the key parameter to ensure and maintain Industrial peace / organisation`s Climate towards achievement of an Enterprise.

    The approach:
  • Periodical assessment/audit of the Organisation’s HR climate, with specific factors
  • Providing tailor-made solutions towards correction of anomalies, if any.
  • Periodical training on ``PERFORMANCE WORK CULTURE``

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VRR hire employees in their payroll and assign them to support and supplement client’s workforce to keep fully staffed during busy times, gain special expertise or staff special projects or fill temporary vacancies.

VRR with its specialised team to service the ``new start-ups & on going firms`` on the following areas:

  • Design Organisation structures, role and responsibilities, defining profiles of staff and competencies required for each role
  • Defining compensation and benefits strategies, make salary bands and compensation levels based on the market trends
  • Design and develop effective compensation structures including fixed and variable components keeping in mind the tax requirements.
  • Work with top management in framing the recruitment strategy, developing manpower plans and realistic budgets.
  • Design and develop suitable HR policies, processes and procedures
  • Developing suitable framework on the kind of culture building and employee engagement interventions to create productive work environment.
  • Align and integrate other HR systems-PMS, succession plan, career plan, reward management etc.

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We help our clients to undertake and facilitate the following interventions

  • Organisational diagnosis
  • Organisation design and structures
  • Study the organisation culture and leadership
  • Study organisational processes and suggest suitable solutions
  • Develop appropriate change management initiatives
  • Understand customer focus and Performance improvement interventions.
  • High performance work systems(HPWS)

We undertake assignments of end to end HR consultancy services as a “retainer” or “advisor” as a measure of long term association with the clients.

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