Change Management Interventions

Change and the Culture Management

VRR has the requisite expertise in ensuring and maintaining cordial Change Management Interventions, which are the key parameter to ensure and maintain Industrial peace / organisation`s Climate towards achievement of an Enterprise.

The approach:

  • Periodical assessment/audit of the Organisation’s HR climate, with specific factors
  • Providing tailor-made solutions towards correction of anomalies, if any.
  • Periodical training on “PERFORMANCE WORK CULTURE“

In the process of organizing involves design, development and maintenance of a system of coordinated activities in which individuals and group of people work cooperatively under leadership towards commonly understood and accepted goals. Organization reviews, analysis, diagnosis, plans to implement new structures and implement of plans of job design and Role development.

We are specialized in organizational development processes including change management, team building, culture development, continuous improvement, performance enhancement and organizational transformation. We use psychometric tools and training need analysis in improving the quality of employee life cycle management. We train the managers on how to bring the best from his team and create a healthy productive work environment. We use suitable soft skills and workshops to impart the leaning opportunities and measure the impact on long run.

Design and develop various processes to build the organization capabilities, develop intellectual capital and promote organizational teams and individual learning by creating a learning culture. We conduct off self and customized L&D interventions to achieve the specific goals and objectives of individuals and teams.

We arrange specific coaching and mentoring programmes to groom the managers into leaders. Design and develop career management, succession management, assessment centers and personality development plans.

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