HR systems, policies and processes


VRR with its specialised team to service the “new start-ups & on going firms“ on the following areas:

  • Design Organisation structures, role and responsibilities, defining profiles of staff and competencies required for each role
  • Defining compensation and benefits strategies, make salary bands and compensation levels based on the market trends
  • Design and develop effective compensation structures including fixed and variable components keeping in mind the tax requirements.
  • Work with top management in framing the recruitment strategy, developing manpower plans and realistic budgets.
  • Design and develop suitable HR policies, processes and procedures
  • Developing suitable framework on the kind of culture building and employee engagement interventions to create productive work environment.
  • Align and integrate other HR systems-PMS, succession plan, career plan, reward management etc.

Talent development is the use of an integrated set of activities to ensure that the organization attracts, retains, motivates and develops talented people its needs now and in the future. Highest value areas help the business meet its objectives through organization capabilities, effective performance reviews, enabling change, leadership development, individual and team development, knowledge sharing, market driven organization design etc.

We focus on the areas of appropriate induction processes, Human resources Information systems, learning & development, sourcing and recruiting, compensation design, strengthen internal communication, effective reward management system etc. to make more effective/efficient using HR processes, systems and practices.

Support and advice to line managers about their roles in implementing HR policies and practices, helps to develop process capability by influencing the design of work systems to make the best use of people.

Competency assessment and building talent inventory at all levels, developing organization wide talent development and retention plans, consult HODs and map competencies to individual roles, design training modules and evaluation methods.