Psychometric assessment & competency development


VRR with its certified Assessors specialists would support the client in the following areas of requirement:

  • Psychometric assessment using various tests and analytical tools in strengthen HR sub-systems
  • Define competence, assess and design suitable development interventions

Experts in design and develop role clarity & accountability, KRAs& KPIs, objective setting performance review and monitoring methodologies etc. Train the leaders in effective implementing performance improvement strategies, feedback processes, link performance to other HR processes-Reward and recognition, succession plans, individual development plans, potential assessment, leadership development etc.

Suggest salary hikes, salary structures and performance linked pay schemes. Design career paths for key talent and train the leadership team for higher efficiency levels. We also develop web-based HRIS covers lifecycle of talent in an organization right from selection to separation-many HR processes on line/employee self-services. Organize performance feedback mechanisms and corrective measures continually for mutual benefits.

Developed and successfully implemented high performance work practices focus on job and work design, flexible working, employee development, reward and providing employee voice avenues. Strategizes how work gets done, the degree of team work and interdependence among organizational units and the role of technology.

Assessing long term organization requirements for the types of leadership, designing models for each area, developing leadership pipeline, preparing succession plans for critical positions, building talent inventory, mapping people performance and potential matrix.

VRR HR Management Solutions is one of the Best Performance & the productivity enhancement organization through modern HR processes and methods. For more details you can contact us through mail [email protected]